About Money2Anywhere

Money2anywhere is the online money transfer portal which provides a complete web-based solution for international person to person money transfers leveraging modern technologies and an online customer interface money2anywhere offers a convenient solution to send money to your near and dear ones.

The web based portal, money2anywhere is the most convenient and cost effective service of sending money online. Your transaction is handled by our partners who are experienced in the payment industry for decades at all stages. You can log in to the service any time of the day. Money2anywhere provides you with the option of sending money to your near and dear ones using debit and credit cards or by debiting your checking or savings account. We use the highest level of security measures and have tied up with the leaders in the payment industry to give our customers unbeatable service.

Money2anywhere is deeply committed to keeping your information secure to ensure the security of your information; we have a number of measures in place. Your Account information is password protected for your privacy and security. We use SSL-encryption to protect data from theft or interception while being transmitted.


  • Competitive rates & Charges
  • Innovative services & quality products
  • Promptness, safety and confidentiality of transactions
  • Personalized customer care
  • Full-functioning customer-service department
  • 7 days a week, round-the-year operations

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